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this is jezabel ..

dude, i slept for like 14 hours (off and on, cause people kept waking me up, but in all a full 14 hours) it was mad crazy, and not i have a slight crick in my neck.

XD i finally finished the first three books of the hitchhiker's guide to the universe, so now i can read the last two that i know nothing about ;u;

:'D i had to get a new alarm clock cause i asked my brother to buy me a battery for my old one (cause the power had been going off and on) and instead of um, opening the battery casing like a normal person, he broke the top off of it and it wouldnt work after that :'D he's such a bastard, but anyway. my new alarm has this 'mood' light on top of it that changed from red to blue to some other color, purple or orange maybe i forget XD you can leave it on or freeze it on a certain color if you want, but i don't like for there to any light while i sleep, so i had it off, but this morning when the alarm went off the lights were flashng all crazy like police lights or something XDDDDD at first i didn't know what the hell it was. :'d also there's no button on top for snooze, which really agrivated me cause i set my alarm so that i can hit the snooze atleast three times and still have like 5 minutes to just lay there before i have to get up, so i had to keep resetting the alarm XD then during the last reset i found the snooze button. ;u; the alarm has 4 snubby lil legs it sits on, the back two are rubber or whatever, and the front two are hard plastic like the casing. XD it turns out the front legs are the snooze button. so i guess if you're normal and leave your alarm on a nightstand or dresser you can just hit the top of the alarm, but i keep my alarm in my bed with me, so i can just grab it and not have to get up.

:d i wore my work uniform shirt today, it's such a peice of crap XD they ordered me two extra shirts without asking me what size i was, so the new ones are fraking huge. i kind of look like one of those polygamists from utah that wear dresses with a pair of jeans under neath :'D
XD i hate these dumb 'uniforms' and have been disregaurding the rules about having to wear them to work, and just wearing any damn thing i please, but my shirt collection is getting pretty thin, and i don't wanna go out and get new clothes X'D but at the same time i feel like a slob coming to work in a GAP athletic (heather grey) shirt that's all faded and junk, when everyone else looks all proffessional like in there dumb uniforms.

TToTT also the sleeves on these shirts look like puffy princess sleeves, and they are itchy

;o; i had a sad dream last night. actually it started out pretty cool like, but i can't really remember that part except it seemed to take place at a school basketball game. but in the end it was about shufu moving to japan t(TToTTt ) then it turned into something crazy scary like out of resident evil, with monster/mutant people breaking out of those giant glass tubes (like in RE) and coming to try to kill us all. XD i think that part took place in an old hospital or school, it was muy creepy :'D
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