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we close our eyes and the world has turned around again

penny-arcade had a coloring contest last week, and i snagged the lineart to practice my comic color style XD i think it came out pretty nifty, but not as good as i had thought. i can't really get the hotspots to work for me, so i cheat and just render with a lighter color till it looks semi-decent. :'D i wish i hadn't put those lightflares in there, but by the time i wanted to take them out, they were gone from the history.

;u; the other day i wanted to go to the movies, but no one wanted to go with me cause they all had things like school or junk (aka they were all being bastards), the only person i didn't ask was my mom, cause she had worked the graveyard shift the night before and never wants to go out the next day. XD but it turns out she wanted to go out too, so me and her went to see new york minute (it was funny). then we went to this party supply store so she could get some el-cheapo baby shower decorations.

XD as we were finishing up our shopiing (checking out and that kind of junk) this mexican couple came into the store and started wandering around. at first the were pretty inconspicuous, the only reason i noticed them was cause the guy had on a lot of cheap after shave (and i was really sensitive to smells that day) so we're just about done at the register and i notice that the guy is walking around alone now (when he came in with his "wife" they were very love-y-dove-y all holding on to one another ect). so he's all acting weird, looking around and stuff like picking up items and pretending to look at them. XD so it's time to pay and i turn away and i hear a thud/smack sound. i look back to where the guy was and he's laying on the ground.

XD so i told the girl at the register that someone had fallen, but she wasn't paying attention, then the guy goes "uh .. help ..?" like hello, he just put on a master performance, why isn't anyone rushing to his aide? XDDDDDDD so then some other people in line notice him and they're all yelling for the girl to go help him. so she goes over there and then all of a sudden the "wife" pops up all fake hysterics, yelling at the girl and other employees that have appeared.

:'D so the employees are trying to help him, and he's all like "woah i'm dizzy" and asking for ice and stuff, and the employees are trying to get an ambulance for him, but he keeps telling them no. XD so then the manager comes up front and the "wife" goes "he fell, that girl helped him, she picked up some papers that were scattered on the floor." but the manager guy isn't really paying attention to el-"wife"-o and he's asking the guy how he fell and stuff, and the guy says that there were some pencils on the ground and he slipped on them and that the girl who helped him picked them up and "put them somewhere" XD didn't "wife"-y just say it was paper?

the whole thing was ridiculous (but funny) :'D we left before any authorities got there though.
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