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holy crap today is a goood hair day :'D

XD i was being a lasy bastard sitting around eating a spicy tender crisp and didn't start getting ready for work till about 230, so i figured i'd have to rush around and go to work with wet hair, but i had just enough time to blowdry it straight, which if i leave it like that it usually get all frizzy and dumb.

;u; but today it's all flowy and sexy with all this bounce and body.

XD i'm so lame

i wanna go see vanhelsing (sp?) or something, i don't want to work today. :'d one of the newer officers was on suspension and he's back today, and i think he's trying to make up for not being around to harrass people by teaming up with officer fuckface (XD forealz right now, they are both parked in the smokeshop parking lot pulling people over, they have 4 people pulled over right now, and to top it off the radios are really crappy today)

the way i see it, is they're losing the tribe money by running away customers. who the fuck cares if some cancerbag parks in the handicapped parking spot when he isn't handicapped? it's a fucking smokeshop, all the customers will be dead before the rest of us, let the dirty bastards park whereever the fuck they want.

i hate filling up my journal with stupid rants about work.
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