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yesterday i was going to write another rant about officer fuckface, you get this instead.

XD i think officer fuckhead just tried to get me in trouble!

:'D this skank-bag called here being a skank, she was all like "yoyoyo homezz, what he illin' up in der yo????? dids j00 all call up in my hood and get shizzy with it?~~!!one!"

XD so i was like "hold on a minutes." put her on hold then asked officer fuckface if he called her (cause all yesterday he kept getting in my face about how she was going to call and when she did she was only supposed to talk to him, only him, him only, no one else, but him (i hate him so much). so he says no he didn't call her, so i get back on the phone and tell her no one's called and she's all like "awwwww forealZ homezz?QQ!~! cause i gotZZZZ meh a call from un in der yo!1!!!" so i tell her that i asked and no one has called her, so i'm hanging up the phone and fuckface suddenly goes "oh. i think the chief wanted to talk to her." *click* phone is already hung up.

so then he walks off (towards the chiefs offices) and then i get a call from the chief and he goes "did soandso call for me?"

;u; !

XD like i give a fuck, i told the chief "yes." and left it at that. so he's all quiet on the phone for a while and goes "oh.. ok." and hangs up, then calls back a lil bit later and says "if soandso calls back, transfer her to my line 'k?" so i'm like "okily-dokily" :'DDDDDDDDDD

take that officer fuckface >:o you're such a fuckface
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