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i didn't come this far for you to make this hard for me

i did a cg thing using photoshop. it took about a day, but it felt like a lot longer cause i didn't really know anything about photoshop ( still don't really) but i found a nifty tutorial that helped out a lot you can find it here. i saved two versions of the picture. this one was screenshot and then cropped out using paintshop pro.

this one is the save from photoshop.

here's the refferance photo i used.

for some reason photo shop saves really dark no matter what format the image is saved in. even if you copy your image in photoshop and paste it into another program it's still very dark. XD yesterday i had photoshop, paintshop pro and painter all open and it took forever just to close one. ;u; crappy computers~!

yes so, i like the paintshop pro on a lil more. tell me what you think. and if the whole dark thing is a setting, then someone clue me in :'D please
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