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one of two things needs to happen soon.
1) officer fuckhead needs to get his shift changed.
2) i need to get my shift changed
actually, officer fuckhead could die (horribly and painfully) that would work also :D

XD i fucking hate officer fuckhead. he's such a fuckhead. (;u; really)

he fucking walks around like he knows everything, but he's the biggest fucking idiot/asshole there is.
XD he fucking questions every single thing i do. and it's not like stuff that i could even be devious about and try to change to fuck with him. it's common everyday work things that happen like 20 million times a day to average everyday cops.

XD i am not fucking god, i'm not changing the cosmos, just to give officer fuckhead a hard time. if he doesn't want to do the job properly (or at all) then he should stop being a fucking cop.

god, i hate him.
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