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if i can just hold on tonight; i know that nothing survives

i had the coolest dream this afternoon.

it seemed to start half way through. i had done something magical and sent myself 10 years into the past, back into my old body. i was in highschool and it was opening night of this play we were doing only kawa, misa and kat where there (and omg, kat had done this really cool thing with makeup, making her self almost completly white with small touches of a very pretty red blended in here and there, almost like geisha makeup, but more modern also).

so i guess the reason i had come back was because i needed kawa to help me. i don't really know why i needed a kawa from 10 years in the past though. maybe the modern day kawa was dead, there was a very urgent, end of the world feeling to the whole thing. as if everything counted on this working.

and it turned out that kawa was secretly very powerful or mystic (something she apperantly hid from everyone, but that i had found out-i got this from a memory in the dream) so i told her that i needed her help, and that i knew about her and her grandfather (he was some powerful mystic also? more dream memories) and that i was from the future. and she believed me cause i knew about her grandfather. so she agreed to lead me through this .. fair? festival? thing that existed within the school, but in another dimension (sorta) that only someone like her could find.

it was really creepy, and i knew right away that i wasn't supposed to be there, but at the same time it was all very familiar to me. i think i had been to this fair in the future but it was different then, and i was different then too. i started to get kind of sick cause the place was so supernatural (i think it was like disolving me *or driving me crazy? if that makes more sense*, cause i wasn't ready/strong enough to be there yet) and i got seperated from kawa.

oh yea, there were a lot of ghost there. but there were distinct classes of ghosts, or different species. there were like the ghosts of people. some of them were strong, almost not really ghosts and some of them were weak and stupid (almost a worker class or drone). but there were also these huge puffed up ball ghosts (almost like the ghosts from mario brother games or the bombs from final fantasy) there were also diff varieties of these, but most of them seemed to be workers, carrying around candles or crosses moaning for the sins of the world and other things i can't really remember now (i knew a lot about them as the dream started, but it seemed the longer i was in my old body the more i forgot about myself from the future, kinda like my old self was reasserting itself)

so i stumbled around some calling out for kawa, and finally she found her way back to me and started leading me again (this time i tied myself to one of her belt loops and held her hand - i think that her presence staved off the effects of that place a little cause i didn't feel as sick when i was near her.) we eventually found a kind of back alley in the shopping district/area and kawa said something about it looking exactly like her grandfather had said it would. then she led us into a house/shop and it was full of narrow hallways (most without roofs) almost like tiny alleys. about half way there, she stopped cause the person we were going to meet had warned her to stop (he did this by talking in her head, but i could kind of also hear it) and she warned me that i would have to close my eyes when we got there and not open them for anything cause the guy there would claw them out (this also had something to do with me not being powerful enough to be there yet too) so we started walking again and the closer we got the more oppressive the alleys got, and i was fulled with fear and i closed my eyes and just hung to kawa until we got there.

the whole time we were walking the guy was still talking to kawa, he seemed to know who she was because she had the same power inside of her as her grandfather, but he knew she wasn't from this world (i think kawa's mom had taken/stolen her away from this place and tried to raise her as normal, another semi-dream memory), he asked her why she bothered to bring me here when she knew that it was against the rules, and why she had brought me to him of all people when he was known for killing my kind straight out (or something like that) something had also happened to kawa, i think a part of her future self emerged within her, because she had changed somehow (an internal change or something, like an inner strength) and she told him that i needed a sword/weapon (i don't think he was going to make a sword, but thats the closest word/description i can think of that fits).

by then i was feeling super sick and i accidently opened my eyes and saw the guy kawa was talking to. he was good looking, semi-asian (but i don't think he was asian) and i got the strongest feeling that he was a tiger or some other big cat really. anyway, i think he was a god or something, maybe a forgotten god, which is why i wasn't supposed to look at him. so he got really upset about that and wanted to kill me, but kawa stopped him and pushed me over the balcony (were were on a roof or something) and told me to run.

as i was running away i could hear them talking somemore, and kawa made him promise/swear to make the weapon i needed and he did, but he said he was still going to kill me :'D

so when i landed i landed behind a shop in the shopping area and seemed to recognize where i was, or so i thought, but i got really lost trying to find my way back to the normal school and ended up in a large meeting place surrounded by shrines to different kinds of gods (like a god of water that was a large goldfish/koi with a lot of eyes and i think there was a earth god that was a living tree or something i didn't really pay attention). there was sunlight coming from the shrine of the water god so i figured there must be a way out through there (i was really lost).

then kawa called me on my cell phone (or a psychic cell phone i don't know which) and asked me where i was, so i told her that i was in the water god's shrine (or whatever it looked like a large pool or small dock on the inside). kawa was trying to warn me about the water god, but i couldn't hear her very well, but she told me to find a weapon to protect myself and i remember i found a guitar string stuck in my hair and she told me to use that cause it was enchanted (it had belonged to the tiger guy who had a magic guitar or some other string instrument) but when i tried to grab it the first time it cut me and a lot of blood fell into the water.

then i started to wake up.

i actually woke up in the dream, thinking about the dream, then woke up foreals.

*edit* something i just remembered from the dream.

when i fell off the roof i hid in an alcove to this shop selling those little fortune plaques (i forget what they're called but they look like flat spatulas or spackle knives, they have a picture and a fortune written on them XD anyway the ones i was by were all made with pictures of thise puffy ghosts on them looking all sad but doing something comical like sweeping leaves or warning kids about brushing their teeth, but the one i most remember had one of the ghosts throwing a cat and above it it read "out cat!" XD
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