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you shame science with your lies

eh, so i skipped work yesterday to go see the doctor again. XD my mom went with me (i don't know why ;u;) but she left about 1/4 of the way through cause she said she was sleepy. i had to talk to the nurses, doctor and nutritionist this time. :'D they all kept going on about how to eat and exercise and all this junk i've heard before and i kept trying to tell them that i knew all of that (espesially the nutritionist lady, who was being a real hobag at first) so after a while they stopped getting in my face about the whole thing.

XD i think they try to do this whole diabetic "scared straight" thing with people, but it didn't work on me cause i lived as a diabetic for some 10 years before i actually got the damn thing. then i had to see this foot doctor. it was kind of weird cause he very talkative and wanted to know all this junk about me that wasn't medical related, like what i did for a living and like my hobbies and crap.

:'D i think that since i look a lot younger then i am that everyone assumes that i'm some punk kid that lives off his parents and is very spoiled or something, but then theyre all perplexed when they find out that i'm like an adult who does adult crap like pay the bills and has a career type thing.

so he kept asking me about art and junk cause i told him that i liked to draw, and he kept asking me what genre or whatever i liked to draw and i was all like ""eh .." cause i don't know what the hell i draw. is fan art cool enough to recognised as a genre of real art, cause thats all i feel like i draw anymore is crzy ass fanart XD so i told him i drew cartoon-y type things. then he was asking how i displayed my work and i was like "well i put most of it on deviantart" and he'd never heard of it so he made me spell it out so he could go check it out XD only i don't know how to spell very well, so i don't know if i gave him a good address.

:'D! then i thought, well hell he's like my new doctor guy, i don't want him looking at my DA site cause it's just full of naked guys and whores XD so when i got home and was gonna delete some junk of DA (which i had been meaning to do anyway cause my cousin kept asking me about the stuff i draw) but when i got to it, there weren't that many pictures i wanted to take down, so i pretty much left it as is, naked guys and whores and all.

XD oh and he told me i had athletes foot, so now i have to kill sammy cause i know thats where i got it from (that dirty bastard kept wearing my shoes barefooted, and i remember him buying a bunch of stuff for athletes foot a while back) :'d the weird thing is i thought it was just blisters from running around and junk in uncomfortable shoes, cause there wasn't any like redness or itching, just like i'd get a big blister everyonce and awhile where my shoe rubbed against my foot.

yes, so when i got home i took off my shoes and rubbed my feet all over sammy cat and glasses :'D then my mom got mad (and laughed) and told me to stop.

ps - i made a new icon, it's sexalicious
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