☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

underneath it all, all shows wanna be buffy.

ok, so this is why inuyasha = buffy :'D
kogome: the reincarnation of kikyo (a preistess who fights/kills demons).

buffy: the current slayer in a long line of slayers going back to a primal first slayer who was created to fight/destroy demons and other evil.

inuyasha: half demon, half human. he struggles with this duplicity and wishes to become fully one or the other. also occassionally turns into a true demon or true human.

angel: a vampire (reensouled). now good because he he has his soul back, he struggles with his dark past and wishes to become fully human. also occassionally turns fully vampiric.

sango: a demon slayer. goes bad after losing her family/town. she works for the bad guy at first, then realizes she's wrong and switches sides.

faith: another slayer. she goes bad after losing her watcher and works for the bad guy. after some carnage she realizes the error of her ways and switches sides.

sesshomaru: he's inuyasha's brother. a full demon, yet he shows compassion for a human girl.

spike: sired by angel. he's a vampire who falls inlove with a girl.

shippo: he is small, kind of annoying, yet also appealing and and cute. he has red hair and is kogome's friend. also he does magic.

willow: she is small, kind of annoying, yet also appealing and cute. she has red hair and is buffy's friend. also she does magic.

miroku: a lech who lusts after women a lot (also a friend of kogome's who fights at her side) seems to have a thing for sango.

xander: he is a normal guy. he lusts after every girl he meets. has a fling with faith. he also fights along side buffy.

kaede/myouga: old people who train/help/teach both kogome and inuyasha about their destinys.

giles: buffy's watcher. an old guy that trains buffy (and the other characters) in her duties as the slayer.
XD i've put way too much thought into this, but sadly it's all true.

we got our new tv today. it's all crazy and widescreened. i didn't know that when i bought it, but it's a plus. also i can play video game on it *o*

XD i went and got my tribal ID and card for the timeclock at work redone today (my brother does them as part of his job) it's so crazy, cause my old one is like 4 years old and i don't even look like the same person at all. everyone keeps telling me i've lost some weight, but i've never really noticed it myself till today. also, i am so white :'D my old card looks like a black person, seriously. it's weird.

one of the cats from outside has something wrong with it's ear. it's like all swollen and full of gunk. so my mom has her 'quarentined' in my brothers room and is trying to pop the ear. but everytime she gets all the puss (or whatever it is, cause it doesn't really look like puss, more like diluted bood/water. also there's no puss smell) out, it all comes back within a day. ;o; and there's something meaty in there thats all swollen now.

i keep telling her that we should take her to the vet, but my mom thinks she is a vet <.<

i'm going to have to sneak the cat away to the vet or something.
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