☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

a quitter never wins and don't trust white-y

yay BT *o* i downloaded the episode of angel i missed last week in like 3-5 hours XD and since i set it up before i went to bed it was finishing the last hour while i slept (TTuTT which meant i got to watch it first thing when i woke up)

:'d then my mom made me go to the hospital with her to visit her friend who just had a baby.

:'D actually first she made me go to that new outlet mall-thing and we spent like 2 hours in one of those crazy candy stores like the sweet factory, but it was called something else :'d i bought a lot of candy, but i can't really eat it XD so now it's like just sitting there mocking me.

:D they had a dr pepper pop rocks though, i ate that today X3 it was pretty delicious (<- yay fat talk)

hm what else?

oh we ate a lot of chinese food. i was tempted to get some chicken curry (*o* shufu), but my mom wanted to get one of those dinner things where 2 or more people have to order. also i didn't know if it was the kind of curry that shufu made, or if it was scary curry, that would consume my soul.

t(*o*t ) i bought a new kohl eye liner pencil, and some cool foundation today. ooh and a spiffy lip tint and this crap you put on your eyelids to stop gel/cream eyeshadow from creasing or wrinkling XD it's so awesome. i tramped up my left eye with a bunch of eyeliner and a dark eyeshadow i had laying around. it was so cool :'D the foundation was a lil light, but would do for a sparse concealer.

:'( my face is really dry now. i started using this lotion crap that's supposed to stop pimples from forming and junk, and now my face skin is a moisture whore. usually i skip lotion all together cause it usually feels heavy/greasy/wet and i don't like that, but now i have to use dumb lotion or my face feels all tight and burn-y ;u;

XD i had this tiny credit card fiasco going on, where i had my atm/visa card cancelled by accident and during the 4 or so days that i had to survive off of only an atm card i realised how dependent i am upon my dumb atm/visa card to live.

it's been november in my bedroom for almost 2 years. :'d
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