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hot hot hot

so, i'm at this basket ball thing with a bunch of crazy indians (or native americans, whatever you call them, eh, when i say whatever you call them, i mean you, as in you. it's not some crazy passive agressive racism XD anyway) and there's a lot of good looking and/or cute guys in my age range and it got me thinking about propagating and nature ect ect (:'D and when i say propagate i mean it in the scientific way, not the haha sexy way ;u; -- mostly) and how much my attraction to other indians is really me being attracted to them (for whatever reason) or if it's just cause we're both indians and it's the thing to do to further the race (i'm really not as smart as i used to be :'D so i'm sorry if this doesn't make sense.)

XD cause my 'type' is really kinda strick, and it's mostly nerdy crazy/sexy/cool white guys with light hair and eyes :'D has anyone else ever wondered about crazy crap similar to this?

;u; also, in utah they have cool prairiedogs that sing to each other. *o* oh what a siren song they sing~!
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