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you don't know nothing about chicken like i know chicken (96.58$) *o*!!!!

damn it! there was a song i wanted to download, but i've forgotten what it was. XD and i was thinking about it not 25 seconds ago (really).

ps - i'm back in vegas.

;u; i broke something on my phone car charger, like where it connects to the phone, so if it isn't laying a certain way it stops charging (<- el lame-o)

my mom bought this hippy loom thing while we were in utah, so i made a "knitted beanie" it's pretty awesome :'D i am so going to make a black one with cat ears next. (i don't wear hat things though)

i'm off for the next three days and i don't know what to do with myself :DDDDDDDD?!

XD the basketball tourny went really well. i don't know if i can say we actually made any money, but we made about 1270.00$

;u; after it was all over, and we were recovering we had a 'family meeting' (today), luckily i waited until everyone started to show up to get ready, so i missed out on the 'family meeting' XD actually i got ready pretty fast, so i decided to curl my hair (which takes about an hour or more) but i heard most of the 'meeting' XDDDDDDDDD

my crazy ho family.

my aunt (and her daughters -- actually just one of them really) has been a real thorn in everyone's sides lately with all this 'we have to do it the old way' crap, when she doesn't really do anything accept take all the limelight while everyone else is ignored while doing all the real work.

so my gramma finally got tired of it, and said something today when her and teh daughter started in with all this lame crap about how we're not acting like a real family cause my gramma made a joke about her sisters cooking XD (yes, it was all about the cooking)

:'D so my gramma chewed them both out for like 20 minutes. then they all left.

i <3 my gramma ;u;

XD then after it was all over she told us that my aunt and like all the bastards from vegas wanted to be reimbursed for this fundraising we've been doing, cause "they're having financial dificulties" XDDDD and they're supposed to be the wealthy ones. :'d we all pretty much decided that no one was getting reimbursed cause if we reimbursed one person, we'd have to reimburse everyone. XD which would actually put us in the hole or something kinda ..

TTuTT i know i've put in around 4 grand (at the very very least) and this basketball tourny was supposed to be our big money maker XD

it was really fun though. tiring. but kinda awesome. :'D and! there were a lot of cute indian guys.

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