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guess what? :D

i still haven't gone to bed, im so cool ..
i think i need a sandwhich or something

i broke down and bought trillian pro, and i don't know how to turn off the mail reminder, its really annoying

its late late late, why haven't i gone to bed yet ??

yume: >_> my bro is making me watch news programs
yume: :D
ongaku oni: i kinda like the news, but i never watch it
yume: not news news
ongaku oni: then what?
yume: news program thingy where they get two people together to argue on some news item
ongaku oni: ah okay
yume: and then the host is all like an ass and um asses it up ..
ongaku oni: that's usually better than just some asshole reporting it, but only if it's about an interesting topic
yume: the entre show is full of ass
yume: its about some jr high kids that had oral sex on a school buss
ongaku oni: ah well, it can't be too bad then can it?
yume: its not the good ass
ongaku oni: ass and oral sex. i don't see the problem
yume: definitly bad ass
ongaku oni: a'kay
yume: yea the oral sex sounds intersting
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