☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

;u; why the fuck was i never nicer to rich people?!~

:'D i say that cause usually when a friend of mine gets in a financial bind they come to me. cause usually i have got plenty of stupid money, but with dumb family things (like deaths and whores and whatever) keep draining my bank accounts and credit cards i've slowly become one of those people who is actually living from paycheck to paycheck.

XD actually, if i didn't have to do this current months family thing i'd be fine. i'd be more then fine, i'd be sitting on a nice bankroll. but after paying all the bills and then doing some math (like how much this weeks lil family thing is going to cost me) i'm barely going to come out of april with like 200$

:'d this isn't all my families fault. i have a bunch of dumb mini credit cards that i keep open for just such emergencies when i need some money, :'D but it's been so long since i've actually had to use them that i let all the damn cards expire and for some some reason i haven't recieved a new card on about 5 of these accounts. (another weird thing, they all expired around the same time .. :o it all reeks of gypsy voodoo)

XD oh, and to top it off (cause god heard that i like a challenge?) my current bank card atm/visa thing, which i use as my el numbro uno credit card expires this month, and instead of sending me a new one, the bank sent me a regular atm-only card (which i have never even seen before ;u;) and when i called the bank about it, i was told that a new atm/visa card was sent out and i should have it. XD so when i told them i didn't they cancelled all three cards.


so now i have to get up super early tomorrow and go to the goddamn bank and see if they can reactivate the crappy atm-only card i was sent, if not i'm gonna have to dust off the trusty check book and write freaking checks for everything like a crazy old lady.

ps - i found 2 old checks in some of my various wallets/purses XD one from remy for tro or hika's b-day thing, and one from my old boss shonda for some pizza crap - :'D i just throw money away, like a drunken hobo
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