☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

what're you looking at chump?

i drew this for shufu :'D

:o what a night it's been, now for sleep!

ps -

eh, just i wrote this up for my friend jessica to read and give me thoughts on. i'd really appreciate it if some of the people who i used as characters would check it out and give me some feed back too :'D (this includes holli, una, hika, dustin, kawa, remy, nisha, shufu, tro, misa, kat, & noah)

anime interludes - part 1

:'d i don't really know how to write, as for others to read and enjoy, i mostly just put down things as they should kinda happen, so a quick apology ahead of time.

also, if you're not in this part, rest assured you will be sooner or later ;u; this thing (when complete) will be very long and not all of you will make it to the end XD (<- such a bastard)
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