☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

just incase you missed it ;u;

dude..yume :'D You were thinking of Buffy again weren't you? <3

Anyways, I have no computer right now because my laptop died a horrible computer death. XD ? That's why I have been gone ...don't cry for me, I'm already dead. ~ Shufu-sama

XD actually i was thinking of max and liz from roswell cause i just got done watching all of season 1 over again t(TTuTTt ) they were crazy in love, just like how beyonce sings about ..

ps - then i thought of buffy for 46 minutes ~ yume

I saw a japanese import lisa loeb CD at Virgin Records. :'D Why did I think of that just now?
I think everyone should just draw Gackt and Hyde and Moon Child drawings...to feed my inner whore. **thumbs up!** ~ Shufu-sama

<3<3love ;u;

i only buy crazy import singles/cds from virgin, cause they usually have something nutty on them that the us version didn't aka i bought the spice girls viva forever import just to watch the claymation video *o* ~ yume

:'D They sell vinal at virgin records now too! I want to be a DJ ho when I grow up. ;_;
P.S. You lose a cool point for owning a spice girl cd. :( ~ Shufu-sama

XD noooooo, now my cool points are lower then my skill points (i actually bought like 2 spice girls cds) omg .. i bought a bunch of neat old skool records and then found out my record player was broken, and when i went to find a new one in a thrift store, they wanted like 200-300$ for a crappy half broken player XD i could like buy a new one for that much. ~ yume

:'D I have a smurf record player from back in the day. I feel so old. You can get a record player that also plays CDs at Sharper Image. It supposed to be good quality too. *o* ~ Shufu-sama

XD yes, i think that was the one i was looking at, only back then it was record player and cassette tapes, the cd thing is new ;u; i don't have my cool records anymore though .. *cries cat tears* ~ yume

And that is why you buy Spice Girl cds? Shame on you and your family.
XD I love you! ~ Shufu-sama
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