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You are wind and water and sky

holy jebus i have to pee like the dickens (also i should have gone to bed about 5 hours ago)

XD so now i only have like 2 hours to sleep (technically 1 hour, since it usually takes me about 1 hour to fucking wear myself out with various jedi mind tricks so that i can even fall asleep). then all that easter bullshit will begin.

:'d i think im still awake cause i let myself eat a shitload of sugar yesterday. not to sound like a girl, but i really don't think i can get through a week sanely working the same shift as officer jerkface without some goddamn sugar or caffeine.

so my choices are a slow sugary diabetic death (with my sanity intact) or going crazy (like a ho with the funny syphilis) ;u;

XD i think, that i really do work better when i'm stressed out. :'D i hope this does not mean this apathatic feeling i've grown used to is me burning myself out on life. XD i don't mean that in a cryptic depressed/suicidal way, to be more specific i think i've become too used to living a drama filled crazy life full of adventure, ghosts, whores, and high fashion, where as now (and for the last month or so) my life's been semi-perfect, meaning nothing exciting has happened, and also nothing bad has happened. maybe i need to get into a highspeed car chase or something. or learn kung fu? D:

i need to find a AA battery for my minidiskman :'D i had to use the ones from my gameboy on the dumb cordless mouse, and before i took those from the game boy i emptied out like 5 remotes and a couple of old walkmans XD
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