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it's about life, it's about fun

stolen from tres_faux cause it's clever, and there's someone who reads my journal that i think should read this t(TT^TTt )
Some of you seem to be under the impression that being in a relationship will make you happy and fulfilled. This is complete bullshit, and I fear that all the energy you spend pining away would be far better spent on figuring out what the fuck you want from yourself and from your life -- being with someone will not make you happy, and if you believe it to be some sort of magic potion you'll likely end up fucking up your relationship(s) and/or settling for someone who is bad for you, thus ending up more unhappy than you were to begin with. (It's likely you already have.) Evacuate yourself of this notion now, before it's too late. And if you think I might be talking about you, I am.
:'d i'm tempted to friend this LJ person, but i just got done kinda cleaning out my friends list and i dunno if i wanna go adding more people to it when there's still people on there i'll prolly be taking off.

:O like omg, the cute guy from next door is walking around outside! :x he's coming in here! (<- such a spaz ;u;)

:d i put off eating breakfast or lunch cause i was going to try to sneak into the the doctors and get some preleminary blood work done for when i see the doctor-guy about whether i have teh diabetes (which i'm pretty sure i do TTuTT) but i spooted around on LJ for too long when i got into work that i missed my chance, and now there's no one around to get me lunch :'D

yay buffy is on, i usually don't turn the tv on at work till it gets dark outside XD which is also kind of around primetime, but everson watches all kinds of kooky shows before i get here, and leaves the tv on when he leaves XD

:o i need more buffy friends! or! <.< i need to beat my current friends with a very large buffy stick ..

almost everyday after i get off work (around 1 or 2 am) me and my brother go to teh del taco for ice tea XD and nachos (we are some crazy nacho bitches) anyway, on the drive home (i take this lil back road to avoid lights/cops/hookers) i usually end up thinking about random crap, and last night i couldn't stop thinking about that episode of buffy where she meet the guys that made the slayers (Get It Done 07x15) and how they knew she would be the slayer and they knew about the first and um .. XD why not leave a fucking note? they can leave a box o' voodoo but someone can't stick a post it on a prophecy or something saying something like 'yo buffy, heads up chica, the first is trying to get all up in your shizznit yo" :'D

XD im so dumb

:o i am going to draw something on clarions board today (or else)
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