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damn it

'friend's' name omitted for the hell of it. also a paragraph break means i took something out that might reveal who i was talking to (but it's not hard to figure out.)
yume says: XD they made remi the gm?
yume says: you know, i was thinking about turning it down (before i went AWOL) but i think it's kinda fucked that no one even notified me, i have to come back to the server and have her 'kill me' with her new GM powers to find out
friend says: ....
friend says: i didnt know she was a gm until i asked
friend says: like she sat there with bunny band, and someone was saying aww no more gm little gifs
friend says: and im like gm??

yume says: XD its like they don't want people to come back, unless theyre one of 'remi's crew' or something
friend says: ..........
friend says: wat the ...
friend says: o screw them
yume says: XD i know

yume says: XD we should all beat up dao and have him help us set up a new server

yume says: XD the big reason i stopped coming around as often is remi and her buddies
friend says: i dont wanna go bak now ...
friend says: this sucks ..

friend says: actualli i dont care bout char wipe ..
friend says: ..
yume says: me either, its happened before
friend says: yea
friend says: but its no fun if people you play with arent gonna be there ...
yume says: yea
friend says: and its not like i wanna play with those people
yume says: XD thats why i had to leave for a lil bit, i was coming on and all there was was remi's friends
yume says: and i hate them :'D
friend says: heh
friend says: i donno dont talk to them much

yume says: i could only take sitting in prontera alone, with them just talking about dumb crap for hours XD
friend says: heh
XD i dunno if i wanna go back or not now. i'm not in an RO mood right now, and really wanna focus on restarting my comic, or working on that comic me and shufu were supposed to have started before december 2003 XD

i'll prolly go back, but it'll never be the same TTuTT (<-- real tearZ o' saddness)
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