☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

wee, i played hooky from work today :d actually i went in for about two hours, then when daniel came in i went home and went to see a movie.

my mom finally broke down and said i could get a kitten today, but she made a big deal about it and laid on a huge guilt trip, :o so i said "oh no jou didn' (the j is silent like in jesus)" and got all ghetto black-girl on her and made her feel guilty back for making me feel guilty on/around my birthday.

XD then i fell asleep in the movie before the previews started, but luckily a bunch of old people came in talking really loud and woke me up ;u;

:O oh yea! XD during the preview for kill bill vol 2 this old guy goes "i never heard of that movie!" like he was pissed off at jesus cause he allowed quentin tarantino to make the first kill bill movie t(TTuTTt )
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