☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

UPDATE on yume fall 2004

figureing i was bloody enough to warrant a day off, i called around to see if the family wanted to do anything.

TToTT my mom made me go to the doctor ..

luckily nothing wrong with the back, sadly they took a blood/sugar test and want me to get a bunch of blood tests done to check whether i'm diabetic (forealZ this time), so now i have to take two more days off for these tests. ugh >.< i went through all this crap when i was 9-10ish and it was something of a bother/nightmare, and i didn't even have stupid diabetes then (i think i have it now, i feel all crappy all the time)

anyway, after the doctor we went back to "the scene" and i found out that my hematite ring broke when i fell and thats what cut me between the fingers. i don't remember where i got that ring from, ive had it for so long.

:'D also, now i am all sore and having crazy pains in my arm and knee (which i both fell on)

:O on the plus side, i got resident evil outbreak and survived scenerio 1 after like 4 tries and switching controller types twice. weirdly i made it through pretty effortlessly using that cindy waitress girl. i had tried the cop and the plumber before that and got attacked a whole lot more.

i'm considering buying the network adaptor and trying the online version, but i don't think i'd be any good at it just yet. they need to develop a better way to communicate ingame i think :'d

they should have made it so that you could play 2-4 players offline (with that hub thing somehow) or atleast 2 players offline XD you know ..
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