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lazy sleepy pissed off :o

eh, i did more work-y type things today. shonda is gonna show me how to do the filing she's such a dork sometimes, the filing consists of taking an officer report and copying 4 pieces of info into a crappy table she made in some windows program that could have just as easily been made in microsoft word..

i missed the premier of farscape, and was trying to download it at work, but someone cancelled the download (i think it mighta been danny) so i had to start all over again, and it took all day. i burned it to disk to watch at home, and its corrupted :(

so ehm, i think i'm gonna go lay in bed and fantasize about spike and xander naked and sweaty :'D <-- happy tear of happy gay xanderxspike sex

^o^ today was weird kinda (yes be amazed at my english).

i didn't go to bed till about 8:00 am this morning and had to be up around 10:30 am to get ready to go to work at 12:00 pm. yes so alarm went off at 10:30 and i hit it a lot till it stopped making noises. then slept till the snooze went off (repeat this a couple times) so it was like 11:15 am and i was trying to decide; a) quit my job and stay in bed. b) get outta bed and go to work. i eventually got up and went to work. and um was not late somehow.

then i get to work, and i expect to see danny there, and its shonda. and um we work together for 3 hours. so yea neat. then she tells me that david is coming over to have lunch with us :D
it was like back when i first started working there, it was so neat, heh.
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