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free with your paid order

had a good talk with taure in the OC chat while i waited for my body to get sleepy enough so that i wouldn't have to spend another 2 hours just laying in the dark.

i've learned that i am a musical raccoon, that likes anything that sounds pretty and shiny, and um i dance (badly) for coins :D

drew this last night semi-following a tutorial shufu did:
copy and paste the link for now, i might upload it eventually since it'll be cleared out during the next sweep of the jewelry box.

it's a pic of shufu C which is shufu's clone (made from shufu DNA, cat hair and a used condom from the Fremont street gutters ^o^) she's all about guns and um slutty-ness.
it really didn't come out like anything shufu does, but i like it, even if the BG is plain.
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