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i can never be ignored

yay for angel fanart. cordelia's hair came out more orange then i would have liked, but i think it goes well with season 3 cordy. i miss fred :'(

no lj-cut, cause i love you, and my love demands that you see this picture. (my love demands it >:o!)

i like the way david boreanez's lips are very pink XD (jesus save me)

nothing really special going on, jessica and theron called to tell me that jess is having a girl. i want to call, but at the same time, i know i don't really have much to say, so then i wanted to email (i'm so fucking impersonal) but i couldn't find her email.

so ..

i called simon.

TTuTT damn you karma ..

XD but that bitch didn't answer his phone, and 2 of the numbers he gave me were either off or belonged to his mom. it's been like three days now, and still no call back. i think his mom may have killed him (forealZ) or .. he is just a bastard. it's most likely both.

i got to see david today, and i got to tell him about the mr. wong dvd i found (:D:D:D:D:D:D:D) he looks pretty good for someone whos dying. he says he shouldn't be working, for how sick he is, but what else is there to do? right? i wanna invite him, shonda, simon and shufu out for some dinner/birthday thing, but i think i may be working on my birthday, or up in spooty utah for that basket ball tournement ..

i really want a kitten for my birthday, but at the same time i know its like a lot of work, and i dunno if i have it in me.

XD i realized the other night that something inside of me has changed. something deep. i don't have it in my to shrug things off as easy as i used to. well not so much shrug things off, as not let the crap of the world bring me down. i'm not depressed or anything, but i do seem to get angry (and stay angry) a lot more lately. and before .. i never really ever got angry. i got ticked off, or annoyed, but it was never a true emotion of anger.

is this a good or bad thing? XD i don't know.

ps - i'm watching jeepers creepers 2 all alone *o* in the early hours of morning. ;u; then i wonder why i get scared in the dark ..

pps - i feel as if i am missing my purpose

ppps - sexeh kissing on teh beach (*o* you know who you are)
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