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only got 100 years to live

:d i don't touch a computer for like 2 days and all kinds of interesting things happen.

XD the internet is such a bastard -- ;u; i <3 u internet~!

i took all the RO things off my friends page and some users that i know i intentionally skip. i might go back in and trim it down a lil more. there are also some people on there that i want to remove, but i don't want to come across as a bitch-whore, so i dont. :'D

went to see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. yay.

i'm gonna install the drivers for my tablet on my brothers computer so i can use it aka i'm slowly stealing his computer :D

ps - simon you fuck head, call me back. kawa, if you have msn, why are you never signed in? XD

pps - <3 shufu (even if she looks like she's in an abusive relationship)
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