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so doujima isn't really that big of a bitch .. :o


t(*o*t ) i could fucking watch the opening to witch hunter robin forever (digisub not that crap cartoon network is playing) XD i started watching this series on cartoon network cause shufu said it was kinda buffy like (it's not at all) and it never got any good. each episode was the same thing over and over.

you got robin, who is the new girl. she is sad. then you got amon who is the vetern (leader?). he is an asshole.
so the basic episode goes like this: there is a witch. robin is sad. amon is an asshole. robin does something N00b-ish (which makes her sad) and then amon yells at her like an asshole :'D oh and then they capture the witch (through the power of sadness and asshole-ness ..??)

XD anyway, so last night the show finally got interesting (way to go, it only took 16 episodes) so i decided to watch some of the digisubs i had downloaded before the show started on tv.

*o* O!NCCCCCCCCCC-MG!!!! XD the two shows (while technically the same) are completely different. its kinda like .. if you let your 3 year old neice watch the matrix (or anything interesting) and then she like drew some flipbook cartoons about it. XDDD

hm .. i bought that new sarah mclachlan cd a while back and lost it (i'm no good with cds *<3<3 mp3s*) and then i found it on top of the toilet tank (we have a lil bit of counter that covers/hides the top of the toilet tank) XD so i finally got to listen to it, and i like it (yay me)

ps - does anyone have any good links for anime bit torrents? i wanna get like pita ten and love hina again. :d i downloaded lovehina again from some bt but it saved them as .ogm's and they play crappily in windows media player and divx player.
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