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insomnia or something like it

its been a day or so since my last entry, i suck :'D <- happy tear of suck-y-ness

it's 530am and i should have gone to bed 4 hours ago. my new shift started the other night, but romi called out, so i ended up working the grave shift, and trading shifts with daniel. he's kinda a cutie, though for some reason he reminds me of cliff too, i really don't wanna think of what that says about the inner workings of my brain.

i was supposed to have tuesday off this week too (my first in like a year) but i ended up trading with daniel again, so i can take my mom to her yearly cancer screening this friday.

acen is coming up, i keep thinking its in march, but it's in may. which isnt really that big a differance time wise. i need to jump on kawa's back and be all like; "lets work out plane stuffs, and really decide on wether we're gonna rent a car, and get a room for after the con. i really wanna do both, but with everyone being on a strict budget i dunno how we can, unless me and kawa pay for it all.

i got in this stupid fight (if you can even call it that - i prolly blew it out of proportion a little) with this guy over at oekakicentral.com i dunno how significant it is, but i've been in a dark mood ever since.
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