☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

You know, in the midst of all this insanity, a couple of things are actually starting to make sense.

i've lost my fucking tablet pen ..

ok so now that thats over.

:o simon called. the weird thing is i meant to call him today (i even took my phone to work with me). we got to talking about our lives and how were we are now isn't anywhere near where we prolly were meant to be, and how .. that's prolly a good thing. then of course we started to talk about our lovelives (or lack there of) and he told me that out of me, him and jess he always thought i would be the one in a semi-steady relationship .. yet i'm the one that hasn't ever been in a real relationship. and then there's him and jess. he's had 2 major relationships and she's pregnant and getting married (and her boyfriend/fiance is pretty cool).

so then i felt i had to tell him about this dream i had last night that i felt had some kind of meaning to it. (he told me not to repeat it to anyone in case i jinx myself, but i feel as if i have to.)

first off the dream started in my aunts house. i don't know why but for some reason, that house has a power or a secret, that ties me to it. whenever i have a dream and that house makes a cameo the dream is usually somehow prophetic in nature.

so after i left the house i was at a highschool (rancho maybe, but bigger, also another place that holds some significance dream-wise) and shufu was there. it was our first day and we didn't have class schedules or something. then i dropped my bag or had to pick something up, so we got delayed.

then there was a guy.

i didn't recognize him, but i felt as if i should. i can't really explain what i felt. it bordered on profound. i want to say it was a type of soulmates meeting for the first time feeling, but i can't be sure.
then shufu left to go find our first class and he went with her. then the dream changed and i was watching it frm shufu's perspective. and she felt the same thing about this guy. and i got the impression that they were already something of an item.

then the dream changed back to me and some weird people (hall monitors maybe) showed up and waited and watched me as i finished getting my things all settled. then it ended.

i woke up with that 'profound' feeling of recognation.

my first thought was that this was someone shufu was/has/is going to meet, but simon says it sounds like it's someone in my future.

but then again, what does that ho simon know :'D?

so then i told him about this pokey lil feeling i have that relates to buffy XD and how i felt as if i'm cookie dough.
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