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i see .. it is happening again.

recently someone said smething stupid (i kno i know, you're asking yourself how i could tell when thats all people do, say stupid things, but this was just stupid for stupids sake i think) XD the thing is, it was really trivial, but i can't stop thinking about it.

also now, value that persons opinion like 143% less. and that makes me feel sucky cause i thought we were friends. also, now i'm beginning to notice that this person says a lot of dumb as things . i think in an attempt to sound smarter then she is.

fyi, if you're reading this, you are prolly not the person i'm talkng about.

blah blah blah

i'm so lazy i shuld go back to school, or get a job. XD a better job perhaps, anyway.

so of course i've been playing a lot of ro and i started playing kingdomhearts over again on hard mode.

i may become a GM on ByRO. originally the owner was going to ask this remi girl cause she posted a lot on the forums (i never post on th forums unless there is a problem XD cause i hate posting on forums ;u;) but she wasn't around (i had never even heard of her till the owner asked me about her) anyway after a night of talking with the owner he decided to ask the members to nominate canidates or vote between me and remi.

i hope i get it X3 (<- such a bastard)

i dunno though, this remi girl seems to have brought a small army of friends over from another server and the'yre all voting for her where as i'm kinda new and while i know almost everyone on the server, i only have a handful of people i'm actually close to.

again, i hope i get it X3

on another note, i've been more active at oc, and i joined this ochiba.net oekaki (which is fucking gone now, which sucks cause i drew a picture there that i kinda put some effort in, but which is also prolly some kinda karma thing, since the owner is a gay-hating nazi. oh it alson sucks cause i don't think i saved the picture i drew from there.. maybe shufu has it in her temp folder .. i hope) hm *anger*rant*whine*whatever* oh yea, i also drew a semi-uncrappy picture on tsao's oekaki board :3 i need to draw on silv's new board and all will be right with the world.
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