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i need some excitment .. or maybe a boyfriend

i totally just forgot what i was doing, and i have this weird feeling that i was doing something semi-important until i forgot it. ;u;

i have a bunch of drawings i wanna scan or redraw in oekaki, but the scanner doesn't have a usb cord cause i had to use the scanner's usb cord for the new printer that only uses a usb cord, but did not come with one (fucking printers, and the lil warning thing that says you have to buy a usb cord seperatly is so fucking tiny you can't see it unless you spend 20 minutes reading the rest of the shit on the sides of the box, even the stuff in french and spanish <- bitter XD)

i have to pee all of the time, this is not sexy. not sexy at all. it also gets annoying when the restroom is far away, or if you're in a movie (i actually had to walk out of RotK during the ghost army parts :'D) i'm pretty sure this is a diabetes thing, but i don't wanna go to the doctors or have to start taking pills or shots, so i'll just wait till i have a diabetic seizure or something :D
XD actually i think i am just stressing that it might be diabteic, cause i really feel fine, and haven't been eating that many sugars. usually i can tell when it's something sugar related ause i get crazy-whack headaches and blood from the nose like a virgin on her wedding night (yay) oh, also i've lost like another 10 pounds XD i don't know how cause i feel like ive been eating more, but who knows .. maybe i am peeing the calories away t(*o*t )?!@!

:d i need to get ahold of god or jesus about this cold i have, those two bitches have some explaining to do.

XD i need to find out if the OD group is going to do acen this year, or if all we're doing is the maryland trip, cause i need to start putting in for time off. also my mom says i have to go to utah for another funeral for my aunt, or something in febuary, i don't wanna go to utah, especially not for something thats gonna remind everyone of my aunt dying

i have a tiny blister on my tongue XD it's really annoying.

ps - i lost my phone again. i have an idea where it might be, but i haven't bothered to check.
maybe i need to stop being so languid ..
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