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why with all the sneezing?! D:

wow, if i could just be dead for a couple of minutes, that would be great.
<- whiney baby who doesn't like to be sick XD

you know .. i never used to get sick, then one day i realised this and i began to think about what it must be like for other people to get sick and i kinda wanted to know what it was all about. then one day i got sick :D! XD it was nada, i didn't really feel much different, just hot from fever. so then i got sick again, and it was worse that time. now it seems that everytime i get a cold it gets slightly worse, or like a new symptom has been added. this years symptom; stuffy nose and intense sinus/headache-y pains of love and doom.

XD so i spent most of the day playing ByRO, there was a roll back from yesterdays server crash and my theif and mage got deleted, or unmade? heh, it wasn't that major cause they were only in the 40 lv's, so i remade my thief and went to pront to see if anyone could lend me a good dagger (i was feeling really bad cause i didn't know there had been a roll back then, i thought my characters had been deleted again (there's something the server doesn't like about my login name) and i had been using a 3 slotted damascus that a nice hunter had lent me, and i thought i had lost it forever) and i ran into that same hunter (on his sin) and it turned out he had his damascus back (yay roll back) and he lent it to me again, and! a high lv wiz gave me another damascus XD and a main guche (i luv these guys, honestly) then the sin guy said he would tank me to thief again (they all kinda know that i've lost 3 previous characters XD) so by the time i got to job lv 10 i was base lv 32 XD so when i made my thief and my hp (which was already pretty high) tripled XD ;u; and the sin gave me a poring hat~!
yea so then we went and lved some in payon lv1&2 and then he went to help a friend get steel and i found a bunch of cool junk drops XD then god came by (the server owner ;u;) and i didn't know it was him at first, so then he told me i was getting a gift, and i thought he was just some guy trying to flirt XD! the he explained that he was god and that i was getting a gift cause i donated some money to the server :'D so i thought he was gonna give me some neat theif/sin item of his choosing (which woulda been cool) but then he said t(*o*t ) i could have anything i wanted (except GM tools/items) XD

;u; that is way too big a decision for me to make ..

XD so my first thought was bone wand, cause that's what i want for my mage/wiz on iro, but i'm gonna become a sage on ByRO and for that the best weapon is a book. so then i thought, well i can prolly get a bone wand of my own on ByRO so i should ask for something cute (and i didn't wanna seem selfish) so i said innocence of maiden, but the server disconnected, so he didn't hear me. so when it came back up i was back in payon lv 1 and he was gone, so i went about lving again, and met up with the sin again, and we went down to morroc so he could tank me on hodes and god came back (in the form of juliette) and asked me if i knew what i wanted yet, so i told him innocence of maiden, only things are named diff there cause its a translation from kRO so he couldn't find it in the database, so i had to wait while he looked it up. XD then he came back and asked me if i was really sure that i wanted the blush cause it kind of sucked, so he made one to show me. it did look kinda lame, not like on the sprite generator. so then i had to think about it again, cause god reminded me that i could have any single thing i wanted. so god said he'd get back to me cause i couldn't make up my mind XD

so then me and the sin went to ragnamart to check out the items and junk. jesus christ. XD i could not make up my mind .. there are too many items available. :'D

so i finally narrowed it down to:

Lord Kaho's Horn


Book of the Revelations


Cat's Bell

Rosary (slotted)

:d the sin told me if i picked the slotted rosary he had a vitata card i could have to make it a healing rosary (which i think would be awesome), but the lord kaho's horns and brisigamen both offer sweet stat bonuses. i didn't know if god would let me get the horns, cause they're listed as gravity staff only, but i checked the ByRO forums and found a thread listing the horns as a secret drop. the only problem is that they're not that cute XD kind of like those rocker antenii only gold and they stuck straight up instead of curling over. normally i would just go with the brisingamen cause it's a fabulous necklace (and even if its ugly, its an accesory, so you can't see it, i think?) plus it's connected to the freya mythos and has to do with cats, but the horns have almost twice or triple the stat bonus that the brisingamen has. :'D and i can certainly sacrifice beauty for power (<- wore a egg shell until the roll back)

i. am. such. a. geek.
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