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ah suki suki now

taken from chaotic bean, who took it from fadedblue who took it from DS who took it from kaiser_chan who did not write whom she got it from ..

:d i have over 500 songs on my current playlist, so i'm actually taking the first 20 songs that play cause my list doesn't exactly randomize very well.
also i added lyrics i find amusing or meaningful.

sophie b hawkins - i need nothing more
"oh no, my god, when you get hard, how can i stop? how can i not?"

garbage - cup of coffee
"so no of course we can't be friends, not while i'm still this obsesses. i guess i always knew the score; this is how our story ends."

sarah brightman - in paradisum
"Perpetua luceat [eis]. (Illuminate them perpetually) In Paradisum (In Heaven)"

emmi - running back to you
"Don´t understand why you hurt me. How come you're the one?"

our lady peace - not enough
"Nothing left to face. There's nothing left to lose. Nothing takes your place"

cat power - he war <3
"I never meant to be the needle that broke your back .. I’m not that hot new chick"

jewel - haunted
"This is your song. I wrote it in my head; but the melody's all wrong. You're my one true girl--and I won't be stoppin' Just 'cause your knees are knockin'"

sarah brightman - anytime anywhere
"Tanti, anni son' passati. Vite son' cambiate. Era la mia città. Non la conosco più. E ora io sono solo un' estranea Senza patria.
(Many years have passed. Lives have changed. It was my city. I do not know it anymore. And I'm just a stranger Without a native land.)"

lacuna coil - falling
"Damned, looking into the sky. I can feel this rain; right now it's falling on me"

leona ness -charmed attack
"Well, I'm no savior But I tried to save you "

len - steal my sunshine
"And of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done. So i missed a million miles of fun"

lara fabian - the dream within
"a sigh escapes from heaven and worlds end"

sarah brightman - once in a lifetime
"Hoy moriras entre mis brazos Nunca soñaste algo igual
(Today you will die in my arms You never dreamed about something like this)"
"Found a part of me That's a mystery That will be just once in a lifetime"

susanna hoffs - we close our eyes
"I looked death in the face last night. I saw him in a mirror And I simply smiled. He told me not to worry. He told me just to take my time"

letters to cleo - i see
"Thinking, thinking, thoughtless, but it sometimes seems. Think too much, too hard and it confuses me."

sarah brightman - only an ocean away
"'Cause I remember all the days and nights We used to walk the streets of neon lights"

sarah brightman - eden
"I never tried to feel. This vibration. .. I never tried to reach. Your eden."

lisa loeb - furious rose <3
"Furious rose, with your opiate eyes. Your languorous hum, that tone of surprise. I've heard energy in adversity. Your smile: the soul of witchery."
"And i'm barely balancing as it is, And i don't want to drown in my dreams. Bring me wild plums and agrimony - i bet you don't even no what that means."

imperial teen - boy or a girl
"Do you get off casting hexes. Assuming forms of either sexes"

sarah brightman - nessun dorma
"Ma il mio mistero è chiuso in me, Il nome mio nessun saprà!
(But my secret lies hidden within me, No-one shall discover my name!)"

third eye blind - 1000 julys <3
"'Cause I’m a vampire y’all and we toast the blood of our enemies"
>:'D i did 21 songs just to fuck with you (yes you, i see you.)
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