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in times like these it's so important to plan ahead

im so sick XD and i hate being sick XD (<- will over use the XD face) XD

;u; i was like an hour late to work today, yay me. then when i got there all i did was play ByRO :'D XD XD XD

i filled in half of my dumd travel sketch book while in that dispatch training, i think i will redo some of the better sketches in oekaki. i need to get some markers and learn the magic of markers. sadly this magic can not be obtained from magic markers XD it'd be cool if it was though.

:'D the other night i dozed off for like 30 seconds and had a dream (i actually did only doze off for about 30 second, so it prolly wasn't a dream since you have to be in like 15 minutes of rem sleep before you begin to have real dreams) that i took a seat in a really old skool school desk and one of the legs was loose and it came off and the desk fell and i fell and i jerked away (like actually jerked my whole body) right as i hit the floor. :D then i had a dumb adrenilin rush and couldnt get back to sleep for an hour. :o so i watched ahh! real monsters on that nick channel XD even though the bastards show the same episodes for like 3 days before they change them.

:o its sad that david's going to die. i wonder who will be my new friend once he is dead? XD i think maybe i am only alloted so many friends from jesus or something.

:d yes, so this one 911 tape we listened too in class was from this 8 year old girl. a burgler had broken into her home and stabbed her dad a bajillion times when he had tried to stop the burgler. her 15 year old brother got the family gun (this is in texas XD) and shot the burgler guy dead. so the 911 operator is on the phone with the lil girl the whole time this is happeneing, and she's telling the girl to go out side and meet the police, only the brother is telling his sister not to go outside cause the burgler had friends with him and they are outside with sawed off shotguns. XD so the brother shoots a couple of warning shots outside to scare the guys outside off, and the 911 operator gets reports from the police (outside) that they are being shot at.

turns out that the lt. or whoever had sent undercover narcotics officers in the place of uniformed police officers and didn't tell anyone, so there are two plane clothes guys out side in a run down black car with sawed off shot guns aim at the house, and the operator is telling these kids that just saw their father stabbed and nearly killed by a burgler to go outside to these guys XD

anyway, the call gets really intense during this part cause the brother wont put down the gun and almost kills the cops outside, the whole time the 911 operator is near hysterics urging these kids to go outside.

XD i think this would make a cool beginning to a scary story, only replace the burgler, 911 operator and guys outside with nightmareish monsters.

so say a monster thing (that looks like a burgler?) breaks into this house and kills the father, the daughter gets on the phone and calls 911, only the phone lines been cut and the monster things are really on the other end of the line pretending to be a 911 operator, who keeps telling these kids to go outside to the cops out there, only they're not cops outside, it's more monsters.

XD maybe i think too much.

ps - our cat walked into the living room, perfectly fine, then all of a sudden his tail bushed up (scared reaction) for no reason. :o why does the devil want my hot j.lo butt?
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