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finished two days of dispatch (dispatchers = tiny jaded gods) training today. it was actually pretty interesting, in an odd "i listened to about 20-30 people die over the phone" kind of way. XD it was weird to be in a room full of that many dispatchers and see the kind of attitude i no doubt have that we're so high above the common citizen. XD maybe i will make a 2004 resoultion not to be a prick, i was gonna say not to be a jerk, but i don't think i can not not be a jerk :'D

hm what else .. my mom gave me a cold thing, i feel like the greatest crap

also played a bit more ragnarok (i think i am stressing over the wiz test too much, its prolly not all that)

TuT i want to see bring it on again ..

ps - shufu stop bloodying up the place (aka i love you *o*!)
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