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when the horizon darkens most ..

XD the water is off?!!?whores!1!!? ;u; this is why i shouldn't make any types of plans, god conspires against me.

i fell asleep at the computer 2 times last night, and i didn't even feel that tired. it was just before, and i wanted to watch aquateens so i went into the living room to wait out the last 8 minutes and i fell asleep again, only this time i didnt have horrible computer chair to awaken me (*o* like a prince?!) so i didn't wake up till 1130 ;____; then i went to bed forealZ XD and i woke up at 4am and wasn't tired anymore .. so i played some iRO :'d

XD there's this private server i'm trying to get on, i downloaded and installed all the crazy junk, and got the go ahead from the owner to start playing, but there's a problem with my log in name, cause it has spaces or something, so i can't log in yet, and i feel like a jerk cause i already PMed the owner and asked him to fix it and he said he would 3 days ago, but he hasn't XD

bleh i wish buffy was still on tv, then atleast i would have a 'cool' obsession

:'D holli said season 5 of buffy was full of holes, actuallty i think she said that the entire series is full of holes, but she specificly mentioned season 5. which i can understand, cause that's the season with dawn/glory/teh key and the first time the series ended, they crammed a lot of stuff into that season. XD it bothers me when people take one look at buffy, and make these these superficial judgments, it was a humorus show, and there was no end to the camp, but it was also a very smart show. joss whedon is not an idiot, he knows what he's doing and just cause some hollywood bigwigs took his original idea and made it into one big hillaryswank joke doesn't mean that the show is 300xs worse, just cause hillaryswank isn't in it anymore (i'm just being dumb now.)

XD anyway, now i think i will go get a cheesy breakfast sandwhich thing and come home and watch some cat soup (;u; oh the nightmares i will have~!)

:d maybe i will text messege shufu? t($o$t ) text messege her about buffy (and cats)!
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