☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

whores, babies & parallel dimensions? :o

:d my friend david told me that he was hiv positive and like 100 t-cells away from having full blown aids. XD it's weird, cause it is not weird. it's like .. this was all a part of his plan. XD not that that is a good thing i suppose, but it's not like something majorly horrible .. if you know what i mean, you prolly don't. i live in a odd world too far from the status quo.

:'D sometimes i think that when i blink, or fall asleep the world changes a little, like a billboard will have red writting, but i blink as i walk past it and all of a sudden the writting is yellow. XD and it's so inconsequential that i can't remember if it ever really was red, or if i just thought it was red cause i never paid much attention to it before. following that, i don't think i come from a world with paris hilton in it. not that i don't like her or anything, i find her very amusing and pretty, but up till about a month ago i don't think she existed (for me) ;u;

i think this all ties into my lil bouts of syncronicity, like hearing about lincolns wife 500 times in one day (okay it was really more like 50, but thats still a lot).

XD i bought a $4 waffle machine and made some waffles, but i wasn't too sure about the milk (i hate milk ..) so i made my brother drink some, he said it was ok, but i think he lied. i think he let me make waffles with dirty milk, hence making dirty waffles. :o and then i ate those dirty bastards. XD now i feel kinda sick .. :o shouldn't dirty milk be like alcohol and cook off leaving good un-dirty milk when you use it to bake?

XD back to my friend david, so like a month or so ago we went to california to go clubbing (bleh) and ride rollercoasters like stupid bitches at magic mountain (bleh again, but only cause we only got to ride like 3 rides and were there almost all day) yes, so we're in california and david hooks up with this guy at this nasty lil bar. XD so david has this one night stand, that turns into a full weeekend. so he tells this guy that he's not looking for a relationship or whatever, and the guy is all like "cool" XD but then he goes all stalker like on david and keeps calling him and like comes to vegas to see him (during those stupid fires when it was like a 12 hour trip from cali to vegas), so now david has 'the sauce' and he has to call all the people he's been sexually active with and let them know, and he tells this guy and the jerk calls david a "dirty whore" and won't speek to him anymore. <- i love that story <3_<3

also, my friend jessica is pregnant, and i get the feeling she doesn't want to be

:o i am like boring american vanilla icecream
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