☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

bust a move

:'D i haven't made a serious update in forever. <- slutty mcslutslut

i also haven't drawn anything :( <- cry, whine, bitch, moan

*o* i want to draw this buffy picture with a bunch of the main characters all anime/shufu style, but i think i should sketch something on paper first. that way it doesn't turn into some quick oekaki crap, or another picture of a naked person :'D

XD my mom is telling us stories about the girl at her work that used to be a man. ;u; it takes me back to my childhood when i was a young blonde girl living in the swiss alps.

so, yes, i got my hair cut, i mentioned this before. XD so only one person at my work noticed. they are all fucking bastards (yay vanity/narcissism) i don't really care, but it's strange cause i cut off like 6 inches of hair XD i don't even look the same anymore. blah

:d i finally saved up 1.2 million zeny on RO and want to buy a goddamn vitata card, but all of a sudden no one is selling any. XD i saw one for sell, for 3 million, but if i had 3 million i could just buy a dumb healing clip and call it a day :'D

god i'm bored.

:d maybe i should get tivo?

t(*o*t ) son of a bitch, i got the new fatal frame! its pretty damn awesome, so scary XD and i've only played about an hour or so.
i am at the part where you fight the main ghost/monster and it kills me with one touch even when my health is full, i don't know what to do, cause i can't run from him, and taking pictures does nothing :'D <- would make a horrible paranormal investigator
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