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its like when jerks used to say they didnt want rank points but go get a buttload of points anyway

:'d is it just me or is this just dumb?
person 1: Someone VIP'ed me - who/what/when/where and Why?! I'm confuuuused!
(And I'm still pretty sure it aint me homeboy Silv)

person 2: Bwa-ha-ha-ha XD It may have been. You never know : o They never tell you XD You're just that special ;u;

person 1: They dont?! I'm going to make Shufu take it away then. It may be cause of kindness, but I refuse to have my tags messed with without being responsible or aware of something.
maybe i am just a bastard filled with hate (and xmas joy) :o?


you don't know .. it could be true.
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