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the moment, you own it; you better never let it go

um wow, i did some actual work today :D

yes, so lets see, i got up at 130p and was even 5 minutes early to work. then me and shonda totally hung out for a while (we made a memo that went something like "you fucking bitches better start picking up after yourself!" cause everyone at work is being a slob. yea, but then we changed it, made it more professional.)
then .. oh yea the work*work, heh it was so nothing, but still unexpected. the new chief asked me to work on some excel spreadsheet thing for the departments yearly budget.
then i had to track down the girl that does the phone system and stuff, like a good little secretary :'D <-- tears of happy joy (yea right) heh

em, then after he left for the day, i just kinda vegged out and drew. -.- i drew this really good pic of xev from lexx and then couldn't submit it .. im gonna see if i can upload it to silvs board and color it in there. the MIS guy came by today to work on the chiefs computer and like set up his printer, and i asked him if he could fix our network again. i hope he does it soon (and doesnt fuck up our cd burner again) i hate not being able to submit pics at work.

i take too many quizzes :o
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