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damn you black jesus! >:0

XD crap, i don't know how i missed it, but fucking ea.com has been charging me 9.99 a month for god knows how long when i fucking cancelled my stupid sims online account months ago cause that game is fucking stupid :'D i only signed on two times, once when i initially got the game to see what the fucking big deal was and the second time cause the first time i logged in i got disconnected :'d

XD so i email their support thing and let them know what was going on and asked for a refund, then i read some of their 'help' FAQ and they are total bastards, and repeatedly say junk about not giving refunds for unused time.

;u; but .. i cancelled my stupid account, so i dunno. i hope they aren't assholes or anything and just give me back my money. XD it's prolly like 70-100 bucks ..
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