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so much better then garbage pail kids (foRealZ)

Trading Cards
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User Number: 844719
Date Created:2003-01-07
Number of Posts: 563

i can't help living a life of crime and high fashion ..
Strengths: slayer strength, a high tolerance for pain, the ability to communicate with cats and whores, drinking dr pepper, hating simon, disco
Weaknesses: bad hair days, onions, caffeine, falling in love, boys (in that way :o), always thirsty :P
Special Skills: secret japanese luff-luff ninja powers, styling hair, having a 100+ cats, knowing everything there is to know about the series buffy the vampire slayer.
Weapons: love, sharp nails, long hair, lip gloss, a metal tablet stylus, stds, cats, sweet lady brick
Allies: Shufu, Kawa, Chi, Remy & (teh smelly) Mite

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