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so crazy in love (pt 2)

;u; would i be a bastard if i asked everyone to draw me buffy pictures for xmas?

*hint*hint* XD

i have an idea for a nifty picture, but im being really slow drawin this other picture that by the time i finish, the one i have in mind will prolly be forgotten.
:d i have done like 1% of my xmas shopping :'D i have to like get to work on shufu's gift, i printed out some whack ass instructions, but i dunno if i will use them, they are very whack XD there are so many ways i could do what i want to do, but i want to do it a certain way and it might be the most time consuming one

;u; maybe i will be a slut bag and just make it out of paper mache???!@!!1?!

XD so, so far i have gotten something for kawa (have to mail the bitch out :P ugh .. the post office), i ordered some crazy navajo crap for my mom (and i tried to order her some junk from sony, but they said my card was declined which is crazy-whore-talk cause that's the only goddamn card i ever keep paid off and never go late on), and i got the mystical whoozits to make shufu something nifty and full of hos

:d i dunno what to get for my brother. or jessica XD two years ago i bought jessica this spiffy hand made top and wrapped it and everything, but she moved before i could give it to her, so it's been like sitting in my brothers room (still wrapped) ever since, i don't know if it will fit her anymore though :o since she's not really a crack whore anymore.
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