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XD shit shit shit shit

;u; i've been trying to add a journal entry to my DA account for the last 30 mintues and they bastard keeps eating them.

so if anyone cares (i don't think i do anymore)

:'D i was page view 199 and i tried to make a journal entry saying that page view 200 got a oekaki request, but the goddamn thing ate my jounral entry and then when i went to see if it had shown up i was #200 XD

;u; so page view 222 get a request, no mech or furies (im not good at that crap). screencap and email the pic to yumetheseraphim@cox.net
XD actually the stupid page keeps going from 199 to 200 back to 199 so, if you go there and get page 200, i'll do a second request for that one too.


ps - i'm very sick and can't breathe (i wanna die XD)
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