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picking up on the signals

:d i switched shifts with the new guy so that i could have the morning (yesterday) free to take my mom to her cancer screening.

XD so here i am at dumb 630am waiting for it to be goddamn 7am so i can go home and sleep like a bastard. (i only got like 30 minutes of sleep yesterday for some reason .. maybe cocaine? :o2>#!!>?)

:'d so the other day my mom was all like "i have to buy alcohol for this guy at work" XD and i was like "why is he under 21 or something?" but ;u; it was his birthday and he's a drunk or something :'D so we went to this albertsons over on charleston and they had fucking pocky (*O*!!!!!!!!!!!!) XD like 7 boxes of regular and 1 box of strawberry, so i bought them all t(;u;t ) i don't think i've ever bought pocky in nevada .. XD

:o yes, so i drew some stuff

:'3 i read this angel/xander fic once (XD shut up.) where angel had to turn xander into a vampire to save his life and one of the side effects was that xander wanted to be 'really' close to angel XD not exactly sexually, just near him, it was a nifty idea even if it was just an excuse for them to have hot man (vampire?) sex. anyway, during my 30 minutes of sleep i remembered that for some reason, and wanted to draw it. only i wanted to draw it using none flesh colors, cause i'm a bastard-y whore who always uses the pallets :'D, this is still a bit to 'pink', but i think it came out pretty nice :d

something quick, cause everyone at suxx0rs is drawing butts, or wedgies or something XD

pppsps - ;u; i've watched into the woods 4 times tonight~!
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