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in a city where chaos rules ..

:'D i played FFXI all day..

<- such a ho

:d i joined a party right away and played pretty well (support again, healing is like lv 26 now XD) for about 2 hours till it broke up. i tagged along with a taru though and we joined another party on our way back to windurst (from tarohngi sp? canyon) and i stayed with them for the next 8 hours XD we went through about 6 or 9 diff people, but we eventually ended up on bastok. so now bastok is my new home away from home, :'D i even rented a room (a lot better then my room in windurst XD it has um .. furniture)

:O i'm gonna learn smithing! :D that way when i go home i can combine my new skill with my bonecrafting and make something more worthwhile then bone hair pins (XP i've made about 20 bone hairpins and god only knows how many bone rings)

hm, also my enfeebling and elemental skills capped. do they get un-capped when i raise in level? :o ??! ;u; speaking of, i gained 2.5 levels today

XD ok thats enough for now

ps - disney land was awesome and lame :'D i really liked the xmas changes they made to the haunted mansion (nightmare before xmas yay~! :D) the rest of the rides were pretty crappy. XD the least they could have done was stuck a shirtless cardboard cutout of orlando bloom at the end of pirates of the caribean XD damn it ..
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