☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

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heart shaped hole

we're leaving for disneyland in 5 hours :'d
<- is very tired

:'D i tried to sit down and like take a nap while my mom and brother were out, but the cats and visitors kept waking me up. the bastards.

XD i hope i can just sleep like a whore with the funny syphilis on the bus till we get there.

:D i got to play in 3 parties in FFXI today. it was pretty damn cool. XD i mainly played as support though, casting a lot of cure, protect and bar-whatever though. :'D i never really thought i'd be support, but it worked out pretty well.

:l i think i will go try to take another nap before my mom gets all crazed again and volunteers us to do something else we (I) don't want to do.

ps - i think ;u; .. that for xmas santa is giving me an ulcer~!

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