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i spend all my time chasing you around

:O! why does it only have to be 930?!

XD i'm so freaking tired, but i wanna stay up for adult swim ;u;

:o so i am downloading music XD

;u; FFX-2 has some pretty junk

XD so the other day my mom got all upset with me cause she wanted to pay the bills for dec. TuT but it was still november (for like another 3 hours) and the thing is .. i don't usually start on the bills until about the 5th (or even the 12th) cause most of the bills aren't due ubtil the end of the month around the 25th and that means that a lot of the current bills don't even arrive in the mail until the 5th or so XD! but she didn't seem to get this ..

:'D so i got the most current bills together and then went to bed to let her figure it all out.

:'d this is all my brothers faut, cause he's supposed to pay for the cars and car insurances, but he's 'low on funds' which i don't fucking understand since he get's paid more then either of us and only has 3 bills to take care of, where as i pay for all the utuilities and all our spending money (even my brother) XD but of course in my moms eyes it wasn't his fault, it was mine.

so i told her that they were both fuck heads and needed to work this out between themselves, cause i do my part :'D my cousin was there so now my mom is all angry with my brother, cause suddenly her eyes are open or some shit. she keeps telling me that he needs to help out more and junk, but i have yet to see it.

XD today (jesus today ..) my mom wanted me to make fried rice and some other junk for dinner, so i said oke. XD but then i fucked up the rice. so i poured the half cooked rice down the goddamn disposal. this clogged up the disposal cause obviously disposals weren't meant for anything other then smooth clear liquids (fucking shit disposal) XD so me and my mom spent like an hour and a half trying to clear all the rice out. usually we let my dumb brother and my cousins husband take care of this crap, cause they always have to prove themselves as men, but today they had taken off so 'wash the truck' which i doubt they did. so while we were messing with the goddamn disposal i put more rice on. XD only i fucked it up again!

:'D i've never had a problem cooking rice before. so by the time we got the dumb disposal clear we were both tired and decided to go get some chinese food. XD only the place we wanted to go to was closed when we got there. so we ended up driving around like dorks and eventually found another chinese food place (in teh ghetto - or little mexico, take your pick) XD and it turned out to be pretty good. their lo mein was weird and sweet (and orange?) but the rest was ok and they had *o* ORANGE BANG. i drank two jumbo sized cups of orange bang while we waited :'D

XD this was funny.

my couin works at our equity health building next door to me, our jobs share the same address, and i already know we get fucking idiots calling us, but i didn't know that they got idiotic calls too :'D

so this guy calls over there asking how he can find out how much indian he is. supposedly he had heard there was a blood test you could take and they would give you a prit out of every single indian tribe you were decended from and exact blood quotas (XD yea sure there is). so my cousin told him that we don't do that and there prolly was a good chance that such a think did not exist. so she told him that he could contact the BIA, Bureau of Indian Affairs and ask them what steps he could take to prove if he was indian.

XD so all of a sudden the guy gets all pissy with my cousin and starts being a total ass. so she told him that she was sorry if she offended him in some way, and he tells her that yes he is offended, very offended, his people do not like to be called indians. they preffer to be called native americans XD

now .. my cousin is indian. and she's lived more then 3/4th of her life on indian reservations and this ass on the phone is some white guy who all of a sudden decided he was indian cause his great great grandma was a cherrokee princess (or some shit).

:'D so my cousin told him that the BIA was named by the goverment, and if 'his people' had a problem with it to take it up with the president and hung up on him.

t(*o*t ) awesome~!
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