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yes, i can change; inspite of all they say. become something strange and beautiful--like joy.

:'d where is shufu?@!


so i came into work today and the new guy was here by himself XD which is weird since he's only been working like 4 days and we usually don't set someone loose alone for like 3 months. :'D but hey as long as i don't have to come in for a double shift and he doesn't burn the place down, it aint a problem.

XD i don't think he recognised me, but he is definitly the guy from school, :o he's like really gay now though. XD it's weird/funny cause when i was in highschool there were all these jock heads or just plain idiots, who all of a sudden (now that high school is over?) are very very very gay. :o i mean super happy max gay. :'D maybe there was some gay in the schools water supply?

:'d so i'm not all that big on reunions or anything dumb, so i didn't like get in his face and be all like XD hey we went to school together. instead i was all like 'teh boss' and like just went and did work.

:'D the real 'teh boss' got married and is on her honey moon or something, and she like left me in charge. XD only i didn't find out till today when i came in and checked my work email. :o i am so going to disney land!

XD the tribe is going to disney land on the 6th, and i didn't think i could get the time off, but i told the new guy that we were trading shifts (actually i asked him if he would :'D) so i can go to disneyland and then come home and sleep like 6 hours before i have to come into work, instead of getting off the buss and going straight to work :'D

hm, what else..?

i played iRO for like 5 minutes today. it wasn't as fun as it used to be XD i don't know why. i wanted to see the nifty monster skills, but i didn't come across anything that attacked back. i need to stop being a slut and set my merch up again. i haven't set up shop in like 2 weeks :'( that's like a couple million zeny i could have had .. (XD i think it really might be, i make about 100k a night) ;u;

oh, i finished my alien9 picture.

i think that they all wear diff colored jackets and the eye color might be off too :'D also, yay or lazy bubble-crap-bgs
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