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now who's paranoid, bonnie?! :o

:d we were supposed to go to utah (i know .. XD) for thanksgiving, but yesterday morning i told my mom that we should just stay home (i really didn't think she would agree) and she said ok. so now i'm cooking thanksgiving dinner.

i'm gonna make some pecan pie and cheesecake :D!

XD so i think i'm going to bed early so that i can get up early and cook the dumb turkey and start on whatever deserts take a couple of hours to set :'d 2 of the burners on our stove died a few months ago, but since then we've all been too busy to replace the stove (let alone cook XD) so we didn't really care. it might slow things down a lot tomorrow though.

:O my tribe sent me a letter telling me to go to this meeting tomorrow and get a (i cant really remember it very well XD) utilities abatement check. :'D i don't know what the fuck this is. i even had to look the dumb word abatement up XD usualy around this time of year we get a 10000$ holiday bonus, but we've fallen on hard times :'D so we haven't been getting any type of bonuses, so i'm thinking that they may be cutting us a lame-o check say to 'cover the utility bills' so that we can use the bulk of our money (though hardly any of the bastards here have actual jobs that give paychecks) on xmas. XD but i could be wrong, they could be giving us like 25$ that they've been skimming off our water bill payments. :'D i'm kinda looking forward to tomorrow to see just what these weird-o bastards have planned.

bleh, i need karo syrup for the dumb pecan pies.

;u; sometimes i have a problem reading measuerments. it's like they get all jumbled in my head and i end up using more then i was supposed to. XD like this one time i took like 24 teasppons of nyquil and stayed wide awake for 75+ hours. :'D last year i made like 5 pecan pies and ended up tripling the amount of rum needed in two of the pies. :'d i call them my special drunk-ho pies.
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