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everyone was really tense

XD i went back in my history and found the link to the gay video website.
The opening credits feature a sub-Pansy Division punky track and images of gobstoppers (or perhaps Chi Chi’s painkillers). You may tire quickly of the candy motifs – and I hope that’s sugar on that spoon and not crystal meth. On a side note, I hear chickens these days read XY and listen to Destiny’s Child. Not like in my day. I was sent down the coalmine at dawn and if I complained once I was bare-ass horsewhipped and sent straight to bed without any supper. Ahh…the halcyon days. You can never go back!

;u; reading these things is better then porn ..

here's the link if anyone wants it XD though i think this place only sells gay porn (i haven't really checked the whole site out.)
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